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Drago preserves in the UAE


The Commercial Mission organized for the Sicilian company “Drago Conserve”,  leader in the production of preserves and fish products, ends positively.

The project, conducted through the intermediation and support of the Chamber of Commerce, has generated many and important expressions of interest from local agri-food distribution companies.

The Drago fish company was founded in 1929, in compliance with the Sicilian tradition and with the experience acquired over four generations, it operates in the conservation of fish products, both natural and in olive oil and / or seeds, such as tuna fillets in oil or natural, mackerel fillets in oil, salmon fillets and swordfish fillets.

Fish that have always been present in the typical Sicilian cuisine, processed and packaged by hand following the rules of tradition.

The Drago Company currently has a factory in the industrial area of ​​Syracuse where it processes products such as Tuna, Mackerel and Swordfish, preserved both naturally and in olive or soybean oil. All the fish is cleaned by hand without chemicals and without the use of preservatives or flavor enhancers.

To satisfy the tastes of the new generations, in addition to the classic tuna fillets in oil, mackerel fillets in oil and swordfish, the company also produces Tuna Paté, Mackerel Paté and Creams that can be used to prepare simple canapés or for season first courses.