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DP World Webinar


The webinar organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE in collaboration with the company DP WORLD was held on May 24 on the theme: Opportunities for Italian commercial investments in the port of Jebel Ali and Jebel Ali Free Zone, Facilitating access to international markets.

DP World is a multinational company operating in the transport and logistics sector, based in Dubai, specializing in freight logistics, port operations, maritime services, and free trade zones. The company manages 70 million containers transported each year by about 70,000 ships. This equates to about 10% of global container traffic represented by their 82 maritime and inland terminals in over 40 countries.

During the webinar Anders Kron, Manager Business Development DP WORLD and the Chief Operations Officer of DP World illustrated some aspects characterizing the market of Dubai and the UAE. Dubai, the experts recalled, is configured not only as of the largest market in the region but also as the most attractive hub of the GCC area, Africa and Southeast Asia connecting up to 3.5 billion people with an average of only 8 hours of air flight.

Trade with the United Arab Emirates, as it emerged from the webinar, represents 40% of trade between Italy and GCC countries, equal to a value of 7.6 billion dollars, with 85% consisting of trade with the Emirate of Dubai. To facilitate the constant and consistent trade exchange between the two countries is the integrated ecosystem for global trade of the Emirates which makes use of two main ports, Mina Rashid and Jebel Ali, served by over 180 shipping companies, but also by more than 30 cargo airlines, 320,000 km of highways that cross the GCC area and a railway line that will soon connect the United Arab Emirates with other countries in the region.

The Middle East, Africa, and India appear to be the markets with the highest growth rate and with over 3.5 billion consumers to which “made in Italy” companies can access through the efficient air, sea, and rail routes of the Emirates and benefit from the logistics capabilities of DP World using its hubs and services, present today in more than 60 countries.