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Live Exportways Italia: agri-food in the UAE


On Tuesday 20 October 2020, at 11 am Italian time, the live broadcast took place on the Facebook page of Exportways Italia, a market orientation platform for Italian companies created by the Chambers of Commerce of South Africa, Middle East and Asia, which had as object the presentation of the UAE agri-food sector, through the precious participation of the Group Executive Chef of the Italian restaurant Roberto’s, Mr. Francesco Guarracino. The live broadcast reached more than 500 people and saw the participation of the Chambers of Commerce of Qatar, Mozambique, Japan, Australia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand.

The agri-food sector, which settles on an overall value of imports equal to about 12 billion euros, sees Italy as one of the main partners, having ample room for improvement, especially as regards its presence in large retailers.

To date, the value of Italian agri-food exports to the UAE amounts to approximately 291 million euros, with interesting growth values ​​for meat, fish and shellfish preparations, seeds and oily fruits, pastry products, sugars and sugar-based products and cereals.

As the Chef pointed out, it will be important to develop and consolidate a spirit of collaboration to help integrate Italian excellence into the country.

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