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Covid-19: Latest Developments in the UAE


Here is a summary of all the latest Covid-19 developments you need to know:

The United Arab Emirates reports 1,234 cases of Covid-19, 1,516 recoveries, 1 death

On Monday, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention reported 1,234 cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus, along with 1,516 recoveries. One death was also reported. As many as 71,466 new Covid-19 tests have been carried out, bringing the total to over 13.3 million tests so far. In a pilot project announced yesterday, Tasjeel Auto Village in Sharjah launched a drive-through car test service in coordination with the Sharjah police. The service guarantees compliance with Covid-19 security measures. The drive-through center offers services such as license plate and mileage checks; and test the condition of lights, tires, paint and under the hood. Previously, basic testing and registration services required a physical inspection. With the new service, drivers can complete inspections of their vehicles from the comfort of their vehicles “within two minutes”.

UAE researchers design a reusable 3D printed mask that meets N95 requirements

A team of researchers from Khalifa University of Science and Technology has designed a reusable 3D printed mask as a potential replacement for the standard N95 masks that are in short supply during the Covid-19 pandemic. The university’s Aerospace Research and Innovation Center (ARIC) said on Monday that the team is currently developing various aspects of the design. Requirements are being considered, including filtration performance, geometry / fit, flexibility, material suitability for medical applications and manufacturability. Medical-grade materials were used in the manufacture of the components. A prototype has already been printed and an evaluation will be performed before it is approved. N95 respirators and surgical masks (face masks) are personal protective equipment (PPE) that protect the wearer from airborne particles and liquids that contaminate the face. They are essential supplies for healthcare workers and other medical responders.

Five UAE-based scientists receive Dh2.5 million grants for Covid-19 research.

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