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Country In Residence


The project was born on the initiative of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Dubai (IICUAE) and the Dubai Future Foundation, on the basis of the “Country in Residence” Agreement and the consequent relationship established with the Dubai Future Foundation government body, with the aim of offering support to Italian Start-Ups who wish to approach the Emirate market.

The start-ups that will take part in the project will be recruited through the partner University of Turin-Halal To, the trade associations, the Chambers of Commerce present on the Italian territory as well as the Representatives of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Dubai (IICUAE). Where the products / services presented by the start-ups were part of the product sectors envisaged by Expo2020, they can also participate in the Italian Pavilion EXPO 2020 Project.

This project will have a multi-year duration so as to guarantee continuity and constant interaction between the Italian and Emirate market and will be structured as follows: The start-ups registered for the Project will participate in the annual tenders launched by the major Emirate stakeholders such as: Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Dubai Health Authority, Road and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Police etc. See below the 8 steps provided by the CO-HORT Project.

The selection of proposals will be carried out directly by the Authority that launched the tender. The classifieds will have access to a three-month program to be carried out in Dubai, fully expensed by the Emirati partners and which includes: Free flight and stay for two people for three months in Dubai; (by Dubai Future Accelerator) Desk in Dubai located in the Emirates Towers-Area 2071; Presentation of the start-up to local operators to create a networking network; Organization of targeted meetings to promote the service and / or the product. Membership fee € 100 as a membership fee to the IICUAE, as the same can provide services to member companies only. From September 2016 to April 2019, 224 startups took part in the project. This resulted in 164 Memorandum of Understanding.


Country In Residence


Companies introduced by IICUAE and government partners meet during an opening ceremony and learn more about the program and its objectives during orientation.

Country In Residence


Government partners introduce companies to key personnel and provide visits to their facilities. Both begin to discuss about the different areas of brainstorming opportunities and ideas; companies provide proof of their main technologies.

Country In Residence


Companies and government partners explore specific ideas and proposals for pilot projects. Government partners ensure that companies have access to relevant skills and data in order to fully develop their proposals.

Country In Residence


Having jointly prepared a pilot project proposal, the companies present it to managers of relevant stakeholders, connected to government partners.

Country In Residence


Government partners provide constructive feedback to companies within seven days. They both work together to improve the proposal, discussing and negotiating scope and costs.

Country In Residence


Government partners accept or refuse to proceed with a MOU (or other trade agreement) by the end of week 7 at the latest.

Country In Residence


Government agencies and companies work together to draw up an agreement (definition of resources, timing and key results necessary).

Country In Residence


Partners and government companies participate in a closing ceremony where agreements are signed. The next steps for contracting and delivering the proposal are discussed and agreed upon.


The selected start-ups can also be included in the “STARTUP IN DUBAI EXPO2020” project, provided they are representative of the 3 macro-sectors envisaged at the Expo:

Opportunities: Reference is made to everything that is at the heart of development, to new horizons for individuals and communities. Within this macro-theme there are also some central micro-themes:

  • Education (looking for new models to help people realize their potential);
  • Employment (new jobs, requirements and mobility);
  • New sectors (diversification and new sectors);
  • Financial capital (new financial models);
  • Management (environments and ecosystems useful for promoting innovation and opportunities)

Mobility: The micro-themes address the following:

  • Transportation (new vehicles, new modes and travel infrastructures);
  • Travel and exploration;
  • Personal mobility (new ways of urban mobility);
  • Logistics (new solutions and intelligent systems for moving goods);
  • Digital connectivity (access to information, services and experiences).

Sustainability: The micro-themes address the following:

  • Natural ecosystems and biodiversity (understanding, improving and protecting terrestrial ecosystems);
  • Resources (efficient and effective water, energy management);
  • Sustainable cities and artificial habitats (sustainable urban projects);
  • Climate change (manage and mitigate climate change);
  • Green economy (new metrics for sustainable economies).


The project does not end with the accompaniment of the starups, but also refers to medium-large sized companies. That is, companies that intend to interact with the most important private and government operators such as Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), Dubai Health Authority, Road and Transport Authority (RTA), Dubai Police, Emirates etc., can do so through a Golden Ticket issued by Dubai Future Foundation, upon notification from the Chamber. If a company intends to offer innovative products / services to the great Emirati players, this request will be submitted to a Dubai Future Foundation Committee, which will check whether this request is sufficiently qualified to be accepted. If so, the company will be able to easily access the requested Emirati player and be accompanied in the commercial process.

Price to access the Golden Ticket

Until the submission of the request, there is no cost, if not the registration in the Chamber equal to € 200, as per Emirati law. If the request is not judged positively, no cost will be requested from the company. If the request is judged positively, the company will pay a participation fee of € 2,500 for the accompaniment.

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