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Coronavirus, how to fly in the post pandemic: serological tests and two meters away


Emirates, the richest airline in the Gulf, is already adopting security measures that are a forerunner to the next measures taken in the rest of the world: “license” of immunity, meals and sanitized fuselage.

How will we fly again? In Italy we still have no certain answers. Generally spacing on the ground and also on board with passengers arranged in rows and alternate seats are brought into play.

In the rich Arab Emirates, however, the answers are there, the measures also and are applied every day. In fact, money is not everything, but when it comes to finding personal protective equipment or tests and tampons in a short time, the countries of the Persian Gulf stand before the rest of the world.

An example? That of Emirates, the airline that started with only two aircraft in 1985 and today the world power of air transport. The emirs have a plan to restart safely not only do they already have it but they have been putting it into practice for a few days. There he is.

Passengers arrive at the airports covered by the company and follow the instructions: few, simple and also reassuring, with routes highlighted on the ground and clear indications on the monitors. All lined up by one, at least two meters apart, with latex mask and gloves.

The checks include body temperature scanning with a thermal scanner. But that’s not enough: waiting for the traveler there is also an extra step, entrusted to ground staff, actually doctors or nurses, who take blood from the finger: a few drops of liquid for a rapid serological test that provides the result in 10 minutes with a certificate that will also serve on arrival in those countries that require an immunity license from Covid-19.

Check-in and gate passages are equally clear: in Dubai, the company’s ground workers in addition to the masks and plastic visors, work behind the plexiglass panels. Once on board, the same passengers are greeted by hostesses who, next to the standard protections, wear a protective gown. All places, of course, have been previously sanitized and the foods served on board are also packaged with double protection. Sure, the taste of flying loses importance but safety gains points.

Fonte: Repubblica.it 


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