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Confindustria Cisambiente


The Cisambiente Association, Confederation of Environmental Services, was born on September 29, 2016 inside the historic Palazzo di Confindustria.

The Confederation was strongly desired by a group of entrepreneurs from the environment and renewable energy sector. A reality that was created to protect and enhance those companies that have always shown a very important effort in the sectors of urban and special waste management.

An associationism that is realizing the objective of making the principles of the circular economy concrete and the insertion of the same in the territorial context of the individual associated companies of the industrial world.

Cisambiente therefore becomes a model of a new associative system, transversal to several industrial levels and no longer representative only of the classic environmental hygiene services, but a catalyst for companies that thus find the realization and adequate protection of their projects and aspirations.


Viale Pasteur n°6 – 00144 Roma – Palazzo di Confindustria


+39 065903247



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