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In memory of our beloved Board of Directors’s member, Silvio Cattaneo


To Silvio Cattaneo’s friends and also for who didn’t know him

With huge pain, I am forced to inform you about the recent departure of our Board Member, Silvio Cattaneo. Just during the General Assembly, held on the 24th of March, we awarded him with a plaque which recognizes his multi-annual activity dedicated to the Chamber, starting from its constitution in 1999.

He has been also one of the pioneer of the discovery of Dubai, starting in 1985 with a dozen of companies working in the fashion & appeal sector of Federmoda, the association of fashion & appeal companies of CNA, among which, in fact, also its one, producer of neckties.

He was actually President of Federmoda, which was used to chair since several years. Personally I can define him as a typical “torinese”, a fake gruff but with a big heart and without too many trifles. With his activism he always contradicted the classical definition of “bugianen” (in the Piedmont language: someone that is not moving…). Since the beginning of the Eighties, starting from exhibitions in German, passing through several other Countries all around the world, always ready to travel with his samples. I remember them as they were projects we have developed together and without complaints. Starting exactly from Germany (Monaco and Dusseldorf), to be after pioneer in Dubai in 1985 and in Japan in 1986, without forgetting South Corea, Russia, Miami, passing through the show room of Madrid during Nineties.

Personally I can affirm that for him, after the family, there were other two big loves which filled his life: Juventus and Dubai. Not by chance, he wanted to create the official Juventus Club Dubai, of which he has been President for several years, since its foundation until last year. In Dubai he started to export neckties in 1985 with important records between 2001 and 2008. In addition, Dubai has always been part of his heart and here he would have liked to live after retiring from his activity: not by chance in 2006 he bought a small flat in JLT.

With a certain commotion, I finish here these brief text in his memory, reassuring him, because, for sure, even from Above he will be able to watch the matches of his Juventus and to have a look also to Expo 2020. And, finally, Silvio, don’t be angry: we will win the Champion next year and I know that you will be there, located in first row, with your black-and-white flag.

Mauro Marzocchi, Secretary General

Assemblea Generale IICUAE - 24 Marzo 2019
Ciao Silvio