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Chiropractic Neurological Center DMCC


Chiropractic is a health care profession concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and the effects of these disorders on general health. The premise is that the Brain and accompanying Nervous System controls all human functions. At CNC our professional clinical expertise and attention are focused exactly on that ingredient of your overall wellbeing.

Our goal is to optimize human function by enhancing your neurological balance. In your case, this is skillfully achieved by adjusting your Structure and coordinating your Nervous Systems. We recognize that every human being is unique, each with special needs that requires a custom therapeutical fit for each patient. We also acknowledge that the body is a self-healing organism and, if given the right chance, will restore itself to Health.


JLT Cluster T, #609 Fortune executive tower, Dubai, UAE
DAMAC properties metro station


+971 588338498
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