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Highranking Change for Cisambiente – Confindustria


“We will work to adapt sustainable industrial models” declares Marcello Rosetti, new President of Cisambiente, “the only models able to ensure the landscape and a real circular economy”. Unanimously voted, there have been also approved the 4 Vice-Presidents of the Assembly: Alessandro Della Valle, Michele Montinaro, Gregory Bongiorno and Piero Manzoni.

So the high-ranking of Cisambiente, the Confindustria section dedicated to the ecology and the environment, which is directed, since its foundation in 2016, by Lucia Leonessi.

Marcello Rosetti, which replaces Luciano Milanese, is 59 years old and is the General Director of Formula Ambiente of Cesena, leader company in the environment hygiene, collection and transportation of waste.

Perfectly alienated with the Institutional mission of Cisambiente, the one able to revolutionize the activities of a sector, neutralizing the problems, the election of Mr. Rosetti is unanimously expression of the General Assembly to address Cisambiente towards work defense and the environment protection with the new technologies, in line with the Italian and International institutional suggestions.

“The new President with his experience represents the collection part of the district. His history tells of a great sensibility for the environment and for the human resources which work for its safeguard – is the comment of the General Director of Cisambiente Confidustria, Lucia Leonessi, which goes ahead as “Marcello Rosetti has also represented Cisambiente during the working moments with CCNL for the drafting of the new national job agreement”.

The just-elected President will have ahead two years of huge work to highlight problems connected with the district and he has to represent Cisambiente during the working tables.

“An assignment which makes me feel proud”, Rosetti affirmed, “I thank the associated both for the trust they gave me and for the support that will give to the job that we have ahead as well. It is a big resource for the Country and for the future, we proceed fast towards the transition to a model of Circular Economy and we will assure that the industry represented by us adopts sustainable operative models which have no impact on the environment. From the collection to the transformation, passing through the disposal, the recycling and the pricing, not forgetting neither one of the problems experienced by our associates because if the district works well, the overall environment benefits of it”.


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