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Beauty Connects People


Embrace creativity and the Italy of Beauty as you travel through an exceptional journey of the country’s amazing past, present and future at the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Italy’s second-most populous region, also known as the Lazio region, is getting its long-overdue recognition at the Italy Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai. The region includes the country’s capital city — Rome and is home to several compelling towns, villages and archaeological sites. It is well known for its art, architecture, biodiversity and rich history. But that does not mean that it is ancient — today it is a centre for innovation, technology and science.

The prosperity of the Lazio region is the inspiration for the Lazio Region Business Hub, where Lazio-based companies will get to know the market of the Middle East and visitors to the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai will also learn about these companies.

The hub was inaugurated last week at the Italian Industry & Commerce Office in Dubai in the presence of several dignitaries.

Among them was Quirino Briganti, Coordinator for the Lazio Region at Expo 2020 Dubai from LazioInnova, the champion for the Lazio region. One of the company’s goals is to serve the region’s businesses and provide launchpads towards internationalisation. Its inclusion as a hub in Expo 2020 Dubai is a vital asset to fulfil this purpose.

Speaking at the inauguration, Briganti explained: “The Lazio Region Business Hub is a service to those businesses in the region that would like to explore foreign markets. It is both a physical as well as a virtual hub. Even before this event, we are very proud to collaborate with around 800 companies from the region that have signed up to be part of it. We have undertaken many activities and workshops to assimilate them to the Middle East market. We are happy to create this kind of synergy with the Italian Trade and Commerce Office in Dubai.” He also adds that there is a large and detailed agenda planned so that the Lazio region is showcased at its best.

The pavilion uses architecture for a creative and innovative presentation of the theme ‘Beauty Connects People’ or ‘La Bellezza Unisce Le Persone’.

The space is not just exhibitive but also represents the height of Italian ingenuity. The Italy Pavilion is created with contributions from partner companies of all dimensions, called to provide the best building, systems, technology and exhibition components, capable of demonstrating the highly innovative capabilities involved today in sustainability, circular economy and digital architecture. Above all, the pavilion aims to foster cooperation, participation and development through cultural and scientific diplomacy.

The Italy Pavilion is located between the Opportunity and Sustainability thematic areas within the Expo 2020 Dubai site. Over 28,000 people are expected to visit the Italy Pavilion daily and more than five million over the six-month period of the event. The fact that the pavilion is close to the park guarantees an excellent view of the pavilion itself, as no structures are hindering its front and side views.

The Italy Pavilion contains spaces suitable for a range of different events and initiatives. Together with the Studio and the Academy, originally designed as places to host training and multimedia seminars, the pavilion features B2B spaces dedicated to business meetings and product and service demos for start-ups that are set to debut on the expo’s global stage.

The Italian mountains will be key players at Expo 2020 Dubai, in the initiatives dedicated to competence, good practices and international innovations aimed at fostering the sustainable development and resilience of the communities living there. During the first of the expo’s thematic weeks dedicated to Climate Change and Biodiversity, on October 7th and 8th, the Italy Pavilion, along with the Bureau of Expo Dubai and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)’s Mountain Partnership, will host an International Forum on mountains.

The intention is to highlight the best practices in sustainability and resilience developed in Italy’s landlocked areas and protect the mountain communities. The Academy Award-winning film director Gabriele Salvatores has created a mesmerising video for the pavilion that unfolds the country’s landscapes and handicrafts.

Other important aspects include meetings between Italian and international corporations to discuss tech, sustainability, future of business etc., events to educate visitors on Italy’s art, culture, food, fashion, theatre and sports along with co-creation labs in association with educational institutions.

On what he hopes visitors to the Italy Pavilion takeaway Briganti elaborates: “Visitors will get the opportunity to learn about the dynamic Lazio region from the socioeconomic and historical point of view with sustainability as the main focus. In our eagerness to move forward and pass this difficult Covid-19 period, the Lazio region has invested heavily in various programmes related to health and life sciences. We are bringing all the innovation experiences from the heart of the Lazio to Expo 2020 Dubai.”

Source: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/business-and-technology-review/beauty-connects-people