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BBV Inoflex Group


While the three-year period 2015-2018 witnessed the formal aggregation of the three manufacturing companies BBV Tech S.r.l. (Alflex), Steelflex S.r.l. and Inoflex S.r.l. into the BBV Inoflex Group, between 2018 and 2020, the foundations for the transformation of the Group into a modern industrial structure aimed at consolidating its identity in the context of global markets were firmly re-allied.

BBV Inoflex Group has collected the precious inheritance of a history of engineering design
and production born in Milan in 1965. The generational changeover has not only involved the top positions, but has deeply involved the whole company structure, both in terms of human resources and of technologies included in the production lines.

The organizational structure adopted is that of a medium-sized company strongly geared towards innovation and internationalization.

The second lever is the Quality System, which is based on ISO 9001. It pervades the whole complex and continues to develop specific and verticality in line with the strategic vision of growth and consolidation of the Group’s industrial identity.

From an economic-business point of view, tools have been introduced aimed at detecting, measuring, and analyzing in critical terms the company’s economic data, since a better self-knowledge allows a clearer awareness. This has made it possible to strengthen and rationalize the ability to choose and plan the deployment of new technologies and the direction in which technical capabilities should evolve.

The decision to pursue corporate restructuring and to create an industrial structure by leveraging the development of thought, enhancing the interdisciplinary study, and the Quality System has proved to be a happy intuition as the method introduced in the company soon began to generate value in increasing size, up to overcome the costs of plant and even generating the means necessary to finance the technological renewal and the insertion of a new generation of human resources.

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