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As the contagion curve slows down, Italy is ready to hit the road!


While the whole world is busy on the Covid front and many nations still struggle to discipline the management of the problem, Italy not only fights but with caution and pragmatism starts again.

Extended lockdown until May 3; meanwhile, gradual reopening, starting from April 14th, of an interesting number of activities, also not considered of primary necessity. This is, in a nutshell, the content of the expected Decree of 10 April, announced by Prime Minister Conte at a press conference: 29 pages of document which, only starting from the annexes, shows the list of reopening activities, divided into three categories: retail trade 29 businesses, personal services 5 and industries / services 90 businesses. Although little publicized, the Prime Ministerial Decree of April 10, already contains a wide spectrum of companies that will be able to reopen, albeit with the precautions provided for by the Decree.

In addition to allowing the reopening of some activities, the Decree also provides for preventive measures to prevent such concessions from leading to a recovery of the infections. Commercial businesses must therefore ensure that social distancing is maintained in all their activities; they must ensure cleanliness and environmental hygiene at least twice a day and according to the opening hours.

The use of masks in closed places and in all work phases is mandatory where it is not possible to observe social distancing, in addition to the use of disposable gloves. In addition, access to businesses will have to be staggered through an expansion of the time slots and allowing the entry of only one person at a time and maximum two operators in the premises up to 40 square meters.

More caution in Lombardy and Piedmont whose ordinances have restricted the field of reopening.

A great satisfaction for Italian entrepreneurs is the reopening, albeit partial, of the activity of Fratelli Pettinaroli SpA. The historic company founded in 1938, which has always been synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation in the field of production of components for plant applications in the specific sectors of heating, air conditioning, sanitary and renewable energy. The company has, for more than four years, its own Representative Office in the Chamber of Commerce headquarter and is pleased to announce the partial resumption of production, which will return to 100% operation from 4 May.

In fact, the company that has over 250 employees is already equipped to start again, guaranteeing all the necessary measures to safeguard the safety of each operator. In the meantime, their commercial departments are constantly operating in smart working to offer a continuous service also these days.


To download the text of the Decree: http://www.governo.it/sites/new.governo.it/files/Dpcm_20200410.pdf

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