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Updates flights from/to the UAE


With the move towards phase 2 in the management of the health emergency caused by COVID-19, the United Arab Emirates Authorities have ordered the gradual resumption of air connections leaving the country, including weekly direct flights from Abu Dhabi / Dubai to Milan and to other European cities with subsequent connection to Rome. Entry into the UAE remains permitted to Emirati citizens. Foreigners (therefore also Italian citizens) in possession of a valid residence permit in the UAE and temporarily abroad must instead submit a request for re-entry through the digital platform ICA (Identity and Citizenship Authority) of the Emirate government, which will issue an authorization code to be used when purchasing the return flight ticket to the UAE. For the purpose of re-entry, the countrymen are also reminded that they must contact the UAE Embassies in the countries in which they are located for requests for assistance.
Also in light of possible sudden updates of the provisions in force as well as the air connections between Italy and the UAE, it is recommended to consult the airline in advance and, in the case of flights with a stopover, to also check the provisions in force in the countries. of transit. Travelers authorized to enter the UAE are subjected to a nasal swab test and a mandatory home quarantine (in the hotel or at home) for a period of 14 days.

EMIRATE OF DUBAI: For the Emirate of Dubai only, entry for tourism is allowed from 7 July. Tourists must be in possession of an international health insurance valid in the UAE that covers any expenses related to tests, quarantine and / or treatments (including hospitalization) also linked to Covid-19; upon boarding at the departure airport, a check on your state of health and the results of a PCR test (swab) carried out in the previous 4 days must be presented at check-in, in the absence of which the passenger will be subjected to a swab on arrival in Dubai . Tourists whose buffer should return a positive result will be required to observe a 14-day quarantine according to the indications that will be provided on the spot by the local authorities. The quarantine can be arranged either at home, in a special dedicated facility or in the hospital. Before leaving the airport, all tourists must download and register their details on the “COVID-19 DXB” app and during their stay they must follow the measures envisaged to reduce the contagion from Covid-19 (masks, physical distance of 2 meters frequent hand washing).

Source: Viaggiaresicuri.it