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ADG Legal


We are pleased to announce our new collaboration with ADG Legal, a full-service law firm headquartered in Dubai with offices in Egypt and London and a bespoke network of leading firms and individuals across the globe.

ADG Legal employs a team of high-calibre and dynamic lawyers, from the Managing Partner Mohammed Al Dahbashi, an Emirati, thought leader and innovator renowned for his comprehensive and perceptive knowledge on litigation and commercial matters, to international talents such as the Senior Associate Francesco Bulleri, who not only brings his substantial expertise in corporate and contract law gained in Italy but also represents the ongoing bridging of ties between the European and the Arab world.

ADG Legal is an ideal point of contact for Italian individuals and entities intending to navigate the complex framework of UAE’s legislation. They believe that the Firm’s Emirati grounding and the international backgrounds and experiences of its lawyers are the key factors which will allow their members to have access to local legal expertise and enjoy the highest Italian and international standards.

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