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Abarth is an Italian car manufacturer, founded on March 31, 1949 by the Italian-Austrian engineer Carlo Abarth and the pilot Guido Scagliarini. Born as a sports team, based on the production of small-displacement sports cars, it owes its success above all to the homonymous mufflers, produced for the elaboration of several cars of car manufacturers such as FIAT, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, SIMCA and Porsche. The company is currently a wholly-owned subsidiary of FCA Italy, which in turn is part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Relaunched since 2007, with the name Abarth & C. SpA, [1] the company deals with the production and marketing of sports versions and elaborations of FIAT cars under the Abarth brand. In 2007 the Fiat group relaunches Abarth. The first model of the new course was the Abarth 500, equipped with a 135 HP T-Jet 1.4 Turbo 16v engine, further upgradeable to 160 HP through the processing kits: “esseesse”, “esseesse Koni”, “Abarth Elaborazione 595” and “695 Abarth Brembo Koni”. In 2008 the Abarth Grande Punto was launched, while in June 2009 the Grande Punto “Abarth Supersport”. The basic features of this version are the “esseesse” kit already installed by the parent company with the engine upgraded up to 180 HP and the sporty interior with Abarth by Sabelt seats. We take advantage of the launch of this version to re-propose among the available colors the specific gray tone called Campovolo Gray, already the prerogative of the old Abarths.

These models are flanked by two standard models, one 160 HP called “595 Turismo” and the other 180 HP called “595 Competizione”. Subsequently, the house proposed numerous limited series versions, including the more powerful “695” with an enhanced 180 HP engine, until reaching an “extreme” 190 HP version called 695 Biposto in 2014. After the great success of the 695 Biposto, the special 695 Biposto Record series was born, previewed at the IAA in Frankfurt 2015. The Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing was also presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, a special edition created to celebrate the partnership with Yamaha for the 2015 edition of the Moto GP.

In addition, authorized Abarth dealers are also real workshops where owners of an Abarth can increase performance by installing a kit, customize their style with elements such as 18-inch wheels, lowered springs, increased brakes and improve the aesthetic by installing, for example, racing seats, specific pedal covers or aluminum footrests.


National Auto

P.O.Box: 34034

Al Ghandi Complex, Sheikh Rashid Rd,

Al Khabaisi, Deira – Dubai

United Arab Emirates


The All New Abarth 124 spider sets a new benchmark. An empty weight of only 1,060 kg, with a weight-to-power ratio of only 6.2 kg / HP. The weight is concentrated within the wheelbase for optimal weight distribution (50:50) which guarantees performance and agility. It offers unprecedented handling thanks to the suspension derived from our driving experience. Now, the fun turns into something serious.


595 is the starting set-up for those who want to enter the Abarth world. 145 HP 1.4 T-Jet engine, Torque Transfer Control and Sport mode as standard, new finishes with satin chrome treatment. It’s time to start having fun. Seriously.


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