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Project: Italian Yellow Directory in the Gulf


The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the UAE is always in the forefront in the search for opportunities and connections between the UAE and Italy.

The UAE market, thanks to its strong re-export vocation, has always been strategic for Italian companies.

With its strategic location, advanced logistics, infrastructure and facilitated taxation, Dubai has become the headquarters where companies from all over the world establish their own commercial headquarters.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates launched the Italian Yellow Directory platform in the Gulf in June with the aim of becoming the reference point for importers and distributors of the entire Gulf area (and beyond) which thanks to a powerful engine search within the platform and a sophisticated system of filters, can identify and obtain information in the language of the products and services with their “target of interest”.

If you want to find out more about the Italian Yellow Directory, you can visit the platform that you find at the link below or contact us on info@iicuae.com.


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