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La Fabbrica Italiana


La Fabbrica, Focacceria Italiana is the first focacceria in town that respects the 2000-year-old tradition of baking this delicious bread.

They describe their company as a foodie’s time machine made of love where memories are made. Since their food is produced according to old traditions, the result are products that have an history which can be sampled bit by bit.

Focaccia is their best feature. They produce it according to old traditions, it is made of high-quality ingredients, and its 72-hour fermented dough is easy to digest.

Their creamy burrata is made of the best and freshest ingredients that respect the process of ethnical Italian farmers.

They are also famous for their tiramisu, made according to the handwritten recipe of the creator herself using mascarpone, savoiardi and Italian moka caffè topped with bitter chocolate shavings.

They care about their customers, and they want to provide the best possible experience; that’s why in any of their recipes love is the most important ingredient, and it is the key element that will make you choose them over and over again.