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“A mask tells us more than a face” – Festeggiando Capodanno…

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“A mask tells us more than a face”

This year Carnival is going to start on the 28th of February (Giovedi’ Grasso) and to finish on the 5th of March (Martedi’ Grasso). Rich of traditions and history, it comes from the Greek Dionysian or the Roman Saturnalia and today it takes different shapes in each Country. But which are the most popular celebrations in Italy? Let’s have a look!

Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia

Sciacca Carnival – Sciacca (Sicily)
Historical Sicilian Carnival, among the ancient of the island, it distinguishes itself for a production of allegorical carriages which are amazing for the dimensions, manufacture and quantities’ points of view. The celebrations starts on Tuesday with the delivery of the keys to Re Carnevale; in the closing day, the mask, which parades through the streets of the city offering vines and sausage, will be burn in the square.

Ronciglione Carnival – Ronciglione (Lazio)
Considering among the most wonderful carnivals of Lazio, the one of Ronciglione is rich of events, parades and traditions. It starts with the Cavalcata degli Ussari which recall the defense done by these knights to the Pontifical State; to this, it follows the “Corse dei Barberi”, which are horses’ runs without jockeys; at the end, among the several celebrations, we highlight the ‘Pilatata dei Nasi Rossi”.

Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia
Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia

Tricarico Carnival, Basilicata
Respecting its farming traditions, in Tricarico it is done the “Transumanza delle Maschere”, because masks here have the shape of Taurus and Heifers, all with cowbell and driven by the ‘Vaccaro”. The herd crosses the town, together with noblemen, in which the Carnival Puppet is burn and Quaremma cries his death.

Coumba Freida Carnival – Val D’Aosta
In the San Bernardo Valley, the towns celebrate the Coumba Freida Carnival during which it is evoked the transition of the solders following Napoleon. The masks are named “Landzette” with uniforms which remind the Napoleon ones and the wood masks.

Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia
Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia

Cento Carnival, Emilia Romagna
Twinned with the most amazing Carnival of the world, the one of Rio De Janerio, it is characterized by the allegorical floats which raise themselves over 20 meters of highness. But, the real characteristic thing is the tradition of gettito which consists in the launching of objects and gadgets from the people over the wagons.

Fano Carnival, Marche
It is the ancient Carnival in Italy and the ancient of Europe as the first was which is documented is dated 1347. even here, as in Cento, the characteristic is the “getto”, a rain of sweets, chocolates and candies that are launched from the wagons to the public.

Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia
Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia

Madonna di Campiglio Carnival – Trentino Alto Adige
Magical ancient atmospheres in the Carnevale Asburgico which changes Madonna di Campiglio from skiing town to a princely carnival. A real dip in the past with the imperial couple formed by Sissi and Francesco Giuseppe which parade with a procession of ladies and gentleman.

Ambrosiano Carnival – Lombardia
Sant’Ambrogio Carnival is done with a particular protocol, in the sense that when the other carnivals end…here start! That is because in this occasion, exactly when Sant’Ambrogio was alive, before starting the Lenten rites, it has been decided to wait the Bishop of Rome that was coming back from a pilgrimage.

Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia
Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia

Mamoiada Carneval, Sardegna
A carnival which follows the tradition of Sardinia he one in Mamoiada, with the characteristic masks of Issohadores and Mamuthones. The first one are characterized by red bodices, a white mask, hats and a small shawl and they are engaged in accompany the Mamuthones which wear sheep leather, wood masks and bring over the back more than 30kg of cowbells.

Arcireale Carneval, Sicilia
Maybe the most wonderful carnival of the Sicily, it is characterized by an apotheosis of colors and musics. The carnival period here is rich of gastronomic, musical events located in the exclusively baroque cornice of the town.

Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia
Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia

Viareggio Carnival, Toscana
Among the ancient and most famous carnival of Italy, the Viareggio one is characterized by huge allegorical wagons and by a school of paier-mache masters composed by over 25 companies and 1000 workers.

Putignano Carnival, Puglia
In Putignano it is located the ‘Fabbrica dei Giganti di Carta” with the paper-mache masters which will fight one against each other in Pugliano school. As by tradition, in occasion of Sant’Antonio Abate, every Thursday is dedicated to a social group, among satire and humor.

Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia
Festeggiando Carnevale in Italia

Venezia Carnival, Veneto
Maybe the most famous Carnival of Italy and among the most popular in the world, since its ancient origin, justified anyway by the setting and by the landscape o the town. The most famous city of Italy gives place to parades done on boats among romantic streets, masks which amine San Marco in every part of Venice.


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