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Enjoy the sun, it is free (not always…)

Italy is worldwide famous for its beauties and natural places. Among the several beaches, we selected the 10 more exclusively.
Be sure to take note of them in case you have (a lot of) money to spend!


It is the smallest of the Eolie Islands, but also the ancient one. It beaches are few and small, but all of them are reachable walking by the center of the island. Panaea is very famous for people who love to have fun, swim, do snorkeling and trekking on the reefs to discover the small bays.


Portofino is an old small village of fishermen which became a VIP location, well known for its luxury tourism. Among the several places to visit, don’t miss Baia di Cannone with its amazing sunsets and Baia del Silenzio that offers an amazing landscape of lights.


Built in a vertical direction, Positano is famous for the landscapes and the shopping, thanks to the several artisans’ shops. It is deserved a visit of the narrow streets which links the highest part of the town with the beaches, such Spiaggia Grande and Spiaggia di Fornillo.


Capalbio is an amazing small Medieval city in the South of Maremma and it is the selected destination of thousand of tourists every year. The coast is 12 km long and it is characterized by sandy beaches and crystal clear.

A must-see destination for the lovers of the sea and shopping. The symbol of the town, in addition to the Fortino which gives it the name, is the well-known pier, which was built to carry the marble extracted from the quarries.


With its sea, the spas and the beaches, Ischia represents one of the preferred destination for tourists coming from all over the world. Among the locations to be visited, we highlight the Aragonese Castle, the Soccorso Church and the Giardini Poseidoni with their 22 pools surrounded by the nature of the Punta Imperatore Hill.

costa smeralda
Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is synonymous of beaches, solitary houses and crystal sea, which gave the name to the location. The overall coast is surrounded by amazing places to visit: starting from Porto Cervo towards the south you will see amazing beaches that from Golfo del Pevero bring you to Cala di Volpe, passing through Punta Capriccioli. Not-to- be-missed absolutely is Porto Rotondo, which overlooks Cugnana Gulf.


Capri, the Pablo Neruda “Queen of Rocks”, is, since always, symbol of elite tourism and glamour. Capri is full of places to visit but you can’t miss the Grotta Azzurra, the street of the shopping, Via Camerelle, the Augusto Gardens and both Villa San Michele and Villa Malaparte.

Just two stones throw away from the Strait dividing Sicily from the Italian Peninsula lies Taormina, facing out towards the Ionian Sea from a high, natural terrace. With its Medieval architecture, its ancient Greek soul and the colors and smells of Mediterranean foliage, the city is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world.

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