The National Institute for Statistics in Italy (ISTAT)

reveals positive signals on consumers trust.



26.06.2015 Milano – The trust of Italian consumers and companies restart to grow: the index announced by Istat reports an improvement of 109,5 (106 points for the consumers and from 101,8 to 104,3 for the companies that reach the same peak of 2008). There are positive signals in all fields that build the consumers trust, even if the most significant variations are on economy (from 130to 139,4) and on future (from 114, 7 to 119,4); the personal condition and the present situation reveal light improvements (from 98,5 to 100 and from 101,0 to 103,3).

The opinions and expectative of the consumers at the present economic situation in Italy are improving (from -64 to -56 and from 2 to 10). The opinions and expectative on the dynamics of the consumer price in the last 12 months are decreasing (from -14 to -21 and from -15 to -20). The expectative on unemployment decrease from 29 to 9. With reference to the Italian companies, the trust is improving in all the fields: constructions (from 111,8 to 119,7), retail (from 103,9 to 105,9) and manufacturing (from 103,4 to 103,9).

The growing trust among consumers and companies in June represents an important achievement. “It is fundamental to make investments, to give a new impetus to the Italian economy” affirms Codacons (the Italian Consumers’ Association) commenting Istat analysis. “The trust growth of the families entails an increase of the propensity to consume, with direct benefits for industry, commerce and the whole economy. For this reason, the government is supposed to support and foster the trust of the consumers and the companies through interventions in order to the increase purchasing power, trade liberalization, creation of competition and reduction of fiscal pressure for citizens and companies”.

Source: La Repubblica