Within the scope of promotional activities aimed at favouring local economic growth and achieving high levels of environmental and social sustainability while contributing to the realisation of an EU strategy for an intelligent, sustainable and inclusive growth, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture of Reggio Emilia, in accordance with Regional Law 14 of 18 July 2014 "Promotion of Investments in Emilia Romagna", intends to:

- favour the promotion and development of national and international investments throughout the territory; 

- boost competitiveness and diversification of entrepreneurial and production fabric;

- create new jobs.


The required funding for this project totals Euro 200,000.00.



Type of projects


Projects eligible for contribution shall comply with all of the following conditions:


a. The opening of a new local unit or office (to then transfer the head office) within the territory of the province of Reggio Emilia, or relocation from abroad or national region (excluding the province of Reggio Emilia) of a local unit to the province of Reggio Emilia;


b. The realisation of a production investment of goods or services


c. Increase in employment of not less than 5 workers. The minimum number of employees shall be kept for at least 3 years after the conclusion of the investment.


For more information, please Download Here the whole call.