A two-day event for all those who are interested in becoming Italian Representatives for the Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE (IICUAE).

Dubai - On the 6thand 7th of December 2015, the IICUAE and Tomirex International LLC will organize the “Gulf International Congress” (GIC), a two-day conference and training for highly qualified Italian professionals, under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Congress will take place at the exclusive locations of Burj Al Arab and Dubai Chamber of Commerce. The event aims at the training of qualified Italian professionals, operating into the legal and business sectors. At the end of the Congress, the professionals will become the official IICUAE’s Representatives in Italy and will be entrusted with the faculty of assisting the Italian companies interested in starting a business within the UAE market.

The Congress will focus on the legislation and on the UAE business environment. 160 among Italian business experts, lawyers and business consultants, will participate to the Congress. During these two days, also Italian businessmen already based in the UAE will expose their successful experience in doing business in the UAE market.

To discover more on the two days, please have a look at the GIC program by clicking here