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Simple ingredients and tradition: the recipe to enjoy this delicious dish of Teramana’s cuisine. Turkeys, salt and natural aromas. They are hand-worked and left to cook for about 10 hours, the time it takes to get the natural jelly that makes our Canzanese turkey so special. Served cold, accompanied with mixed salad or pickled pickles in sweet and sour and red wine. The traditional recipe, in which the turkey is boned and cooked in pieces, is complemented by rolle ', also embellished with natural jelly, which preserves its taste and originality. Several studies have been carried out since the 1950s on turkey meat: an excellent food, because of the protein richness and the low fat content in it. In addition, the cooking method provided by this recipe allows the dish to maintain its nutritional properties unchanged, making the Canzanese turkey a dish suitable for every palate. To prove this is the fact that the US astronauts, protagonists of the moon landing in July 1969, also had in the board diet the turkey cooked in the same way as the Canzonese style.