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Via Serbatio, 2

92019 Sciacca (AG), Italy

Tel: +39.07717380

Email: pietro.sabella@tenutagallinella.com

Web-Site: www.tenutagallinella.com


From three generations the Tenuta Gallinella has been engaged in Extra Virgin Olive Oil production through the passion handed down, first by his grandfather Pietro Sabella, then by his father Salvatore, the grandson Pietro managed to keep up the name of the company thanks to the enthusiasm, professionalism and love for his job. From the land between Menfi and Sciacca a diamond tip product was born and now it boasts extensive experience in the olive sector. The company produces and sells four different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Nocellara : known for its unique intense fruity feature, harmonious flavor with some thistle and artichoke smell, in addition to green tomato, accompanied by bitter and spicy of medium high intensity. It is the ideal dressing for greens and salads, with raw vegetables and legumes. Also great for salmon carpaccio, pasta with tomato sauce, grilled fish or grilled white meats. Cerasuola : very tasty and aromatic oil. The degree of ripeness determines the presence or absence of Certain scents. Medium intense fruity oil, it smells of fresh cut grass and sometimes thistle, artichoke and tomato. Ripe tomato notes in more mature fruits. The taste appears less sweet, but spicy with an intense bitter taste. Ideal for both hot and cold dishes. It can also be used as dressing for salads, soups, boiled vegetables, or meat. Biancolilla : it produces and expresses the maximum content of aromatic substances and polyphenols. The result is an harmonious oil, of a balanced almond fruity taste, that combines with vegetables or fresh cheeses. For its grassy flavor, combined with an unexpected sweetness, it perfectly matches with both raw and cooked seafood. Gordal Sevillana : the flavor of the olives from which we extract this oil is delicate and sweet. It is often used with sea food dishes. These varieties, exported in the rest of Europe in addition to the national territory, are available in the following formats: Bottle 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml; Tin 5 lt, Bag in Box 5 lt. Our oils, following a careful selection of freshly picked and pressed olives, with cold extraction, and thanks to their peculiarities, acquire a higher quality, standing out for its organoleptic properties (intense and brilliant green), taste (very balanced between fruity, bitter and spicy) olfactory (very elegant and harmonious with hints of freshly cut grass, basil, mint, green almond, thistle, green tomato, blending in an aromatic touch of thyme, oregano and sage). Among the various certifications available of the company, we find the DOP "Val di Mazara". The products of "Tenuta Gallinella" have received, only in reference to 2016, several awards for taste and quality such as: DIOOC – International competition (Two Gold medals); Inclusion in the guide “Terre Dell’Olio”; Gran menzione Gran Olio at Biosalus Festival.