Stand 010 - RISO ALMO

Via Raffaello Sanzio, 20 27036 Mortara (PV), Italy

Tel: +39.038499024

Email: risoalmo@risoalmo.it

Web-Site: www.risoalmo.it

Stand manager: Elisa Murtas


Over the years, our mother company, ALMO S.p.A., has specialized in production, selection and marketing of seed rice. All these activities are supported by an intense work aimed at improving the rice seed varieties through simple (hand) crossings during summer and field-selection of the best plants. In this way, we eliminate all possible impurities and preserve the purity of all our varieties in order to create new ones with significant farming characteristics (high production, small size, high yield, …). Our intent is to obtain a product with a high commercial value that satisfies needs of farms and rice mills. Through all these efforts we obtained and patented some of the most cultivated varieties  in the Mediterranean area (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, …) and in the last years we also began to do business in other important markets such as Turkey and Morocco. All our varieties are patented and covered by a European patent. In 2008 we took up the activity with white rice: we produce and sell our varieties granting the traceability of a product that we follow from the early steps of this important food chain. RisoALMO has been then set up to meet Almo needs to put its rice varieties on the market and widen in this way its commercial sector. The goal of the Euriz srl company is to produce rice with granted traceability, a product processed and packaged with the RisoALMO brand. Our product stems directly from our seeds that we process, select, polish and package without other steps. Our goal is then to sell only our varieties. We can guarantee a 100% pure product of the best quality. We offer varieties for every kind of dish: excellent varieties for side-dishes and rice salads, varieties for top quality risotto and even an aromatic line for tasteful side-dishes. There is also rice for soups and desserts. In addition to the white rice, we can also offer a range of ready to eat risotto, prepared only with dehydrated ingredients, without glutamates and preservatives. We use the Poseidone rice (our variety belonging to the product grid of Carnaroli). The available sorts are: ceps, red radicchio, saffron, pumpkin, tomato and basil, black truffle and “Panissa alla Vercellese”. We currently are the first and only company that follows the entire chain (from the pure and certified seed), ensuring the product traceability. Through a constant research effort we obtained rice varieties with extraordinary characteristics, high production levels and excellent yields for the industrial processes. We completely changed the Italian rice world e not only. We were the first enterprise investing in varietal research with satisfying results. Every year we go on with our programs aimed at improving the various rice seed varieties and there are already other varieties waiting to be patented and registered. We also produce a range of “coloured” rice, from purple to bronze, that will be launched in 2015. Consumers now pay much more attention to what they buy and eat. We strongly believe in our products and in the quality we can offer.