Stand 013 – 014 - 015 - GUIDO GOBINO

Via Cagliari, 5 10153 Torino (Italy)

Tel: +39.0112476245



Stand manager:  Ruben Abbasttista


Located in Turin, since 1946, the Artisanal Chocolate Factory offers specialties coming from the traditional chocolate-art made in Piedmont, together with the most original and refined new Creations. Giandujotti, Sea Salt Cremino, Spread Creams, Foglio Nocciolato and the Dark Chocolate Selection (both Blend and Single Origin) are now awarded and well-known symbols of the Guido Gobino Chocolate Selection throughout the world. To realize his product, Guido Gobino chooses only the best ingredients in the world: the cocoa used only comes from Centre and South America, Java and Sao Tomè; the hazelnuts used are only the PGI Piedmont ones, harvested in Alta Langa and roasted in the factory. Chocolate Production is made in the headquarter in Turin, where laboring starts directly from cocoa beans: that is why this company is one of the very few in Italy to be called "from beans to bar" . His Chocolate Selection is a mix of creative passion, gourmet and innovation and the business is considered today as one of the most interesting realities in chocolate production, both in Italy and abroad.