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Localita’ Ponte Sommati 02012 Amatrice (RI), Italy

Tel: +39.0746204688



Stand manager: Maria Cristina Lalli


The Petrucci company, for over 50 years high quality and genuinines assurance in the dairy sector, is glad to appear to the great audience with the reopening of historical Amatrice daiky, renewed and made competitive thanks to the management spent in the renovation of a so important and esteemed factory, in the suggestive landscape of Amatrice. The factory is located inside the national park of Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains, in a space surrounded by nature, between a wood and the shady shores of Tronto river, overhung by a rock spur. Amatrice, of very ancient origins and inhabited since ancient Rome period has been, over the centuries, the protagonist in these places history, and it well continues to be so. Its well known culinary journes have brought, first in Rome, and, later on in all the world,their country but delicious gastronomics traditions baggage: The “pasta alla gricia”, and the very well know “pasta all’amatriciana”, are by this time, its foundation. The natural beauties and the suggestive charm of these places live inside the taste and the flavor of the Amatrice tradition diskes, made delicious and superb also thanks to the goodness of the ingredients that compose them. To revive the  historical Amatrice dairy is part of development project for an healty eating, today more than ever desiderable, in a manifacturing sector threatened by speculations harmful to healt. Since the end of last century the Petrucci’s company is carrying on a tradition handed down from father to son, with a work which respects buth the ancient experiences and the modern requirement due the most recent sanitary norms.