Stand 013 – 014 - 015: COSTADORO CAFFE’

Lungo Dora Colletta, 113/6 10153 Torino (TO), Italy

Tel: +39.011248304



Stand manager:  Ruben Abbattista


Costadoro is today one of the leading companies specialized in the production of coffee for the Ho.Re.Ca. market and it's renowned for its finest blends. Costadoro has been signing the quality of coffee for more than a century and has been able to maintain over time its tradition and experience but combining them with the most advanced technologies. From the coffee-bar and roastery, opened in 1890 in the heart of Turin, to the company of nowadays, with premises and warehouses in Italy and abroad and a steadily growing turnover, the way has been long and far from easy. The fundamental point has always remained the focus on the quality of the blends and the strong link with the tradition that allowed the Company to get a foothold and maintain a leadership in this field. Today Costadoro sells its blends in more than 36 Countries and offers its customers highly qualified training and consulting services with the aim to spread that "Culture of Coffee" which is most of all culture of quality. Thanks to its Costadoro Coffee Lab, Costadoro’s founders are approved as ‘Masters of Coffee Culture’ in Italy. A culture that Costadoro creates, feeds and diffuses not only looking for the perfect product with passion and diligence but also training baristas to make them true experts of the Espresso.