Stand 011 - 10 MIGLIA CAFFE’

Via Mazzini, 115 4603 Castiglione D/S (MN), Italy

Tel: +39.3383035554

Email: info@10migliacaffe.com

Web-Site: www.10migliacaffe.com


Our company is specialized in the production of single-dose coffee pod. This choice is driven by the company policy of proposing to the consumer a healthy, balanced and environmentally friendly product. Our coffee is roasted with an innovative technology never forgetting the handcrafted tradition, this has enhance the coffee bean development with a higher aromatic yield and less development of dangerous substances. We use an innovative technology also for coffee milling which develops a flaked mix, improving the percolation and increasing the final aroma. The packaging is made up by a high quality filter paper case were the coffee mix is inserted, protected by a further highly protective multi-layer film. This protection lengthens the product’s shelf life. The pod means: ecologic choice, lower environmental impact and no transmission of toxic substances between the film and the pod. Moreover this choice eliminates the variable linked to the barman skill, who shouldn't find the right mix because every single-dose pod it’s already perfect!