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Simple ingredients and tradition: the recipe to enjoy this delicious dish of Teramana’s cuisine. Turkeys, salt and natural aromas. They are hand-worked and left to cook for about 10 hours, the time it takes to get the natural jelly that makes our Canzanese turkey so special. Served cold, accompanied with mixed salad or pickled pickles in sweet and sour and red wine. The traditional recipe, in which the turkey is boned and cooked in pieces, is complemented by rolle ', also embellished with natural jelly, which preserves its taste and originality. Several studies have been carried out since the 1950s on turkey meat: an excellent food, because of the protein richness and the low fat content in it. In addition, the cooking method provided by this recipe allows the dish to maintain its nutritional properties unchanged, making the Canzanese turkey a dish suitable for every palate. To prove this is the fact that the US astronauts, protagonists of the moon landing in July 1969, also had in the board diet the turkey cooked in the same way as the Canzonese style.



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C.Da Monachelle

87064 Corigliano Calabro (CS), Italy

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The plain of Sybaris and especially the area of Corigliano Calabro has been always know for the spontaneous growth of the most precious roots of licorice and the site of the most ancient factory where now is the Romano firm production. Since 1940 this Company has used the latest artisan methods in every phase from the harvest to the final product which guaranty the highest quality of the licorice roots and its finest properties. The spontaneous natural growth of licorice roots must be subject to a vigorous control to guarantee its origin and its organic quality in order to be certified by the Romano Company. These strict methods allow Romano Company to be among the biggest Companies which operate in the field of herbal, pharmaceutical and confectionary suppliers. The Company also makes products for others and at the same time tith the guarantee of the best quality, organic characteristics and D.O.P. Romano Company has also many other product which are never introduced into public markets. These products have the highest quality but reaches the average market. Among its new products, for example the Elisir liquor made exclusively from infusion of licorice roots, which are next to the famous sticks of organic and D.O.P. licorice roots. This herbal tea, RADILIZIA, made of only organic and D.O.P. roots and the TISANA made with eight ingredients never used before in combination with others. Romano firm is Certified by UNI EN ISO 22005:2008 for tracking and is also certified Licorice of Calabria D.O.P. and organic.




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Every year Lavazza selects the best coffees from plantations all over the world in order to create our specialized blends – for the moka pot, with which we brew our breakfast coffee; the espresso we drink at the bar after lunch; and the cappuccino from the vending machine, for our coffee break at work. The sublime balance of each blend is obtained by mixing several types of coffee, which differ in terms of quality (Arabica or Robusta), type of processing (washed or natural) and, lastly, country of origin. All the specific benefits and characteristics of these different elements are integrated and compounded to produce a perfectly balanced coffee, with a distinctive flavor, aroma and body.




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The Consorzio it's a non profit making. It move up about application of growing and processing disciplinary and it's modification; to define plan to improve production quality. Take care of to protect, to promote, to increase the value of PDO `Polesano White Garlic`. Still the Consorzio patrol or do to check about a correct use of Polesano White Garlic PDO name



Stand 013 – 014 - 015: COSTADORO CAFFE’

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Costadoro is today one of the leading companies specialized in the production of coffee for the Ho.Re.Ca. market and it's renowned for its finest blends. Costadoro has been signing the quality of coffee for more than a century and has been able to maintain over time its tradition and experience but combining them with the most advanced technologies. From the coffee-bar and roastery, opened in 1890 in the heart of Turin, to the company of nowadays, with premises and warehouses in Italy and abroad and a steadily growing turnover, the way has been long and far from easy. The fundamental point has always remained the focus on the quality of the blends and the strong link with the tradition that allowed the Company to get a foothold and maintain a leadership in this field. Today Costadoro sells its blends in more than 36 Countries and offers its customers highly qualified training and consulting services with the aim to spread that "Culture of Coffee" which is most of all culture of quality. Thanks to its Costadoro Coffee Lab, Costadoro’s founders are approved as ‘Masters of Coffee Culture’ in Italy. A culture that Costadoro creates, feeds and diffuses not only looking for the perfect product with passion and diligence but also training baristas to make them true experts of the Espresso.



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Located in Turin, since 1946, the Artisanal Chocolate Factory offers specialties coming from the traditional chocolate-art made in Piedmont, together with the most original and refined new Creations. Giandujotti, Sea Salt Cremino, Spread Creams, Foglio Nocciolato and the Dark Chocolate Selection (both Blend and Single Origin) are now awarded and well-known symbols of the Guido Gobino Chocolate Selection throughout the world. To realize his product, Guido Gobino chooses only the best ingredients in the world: the cocoa used only comes from Centre and South America, Java and Sao Tomè; the hazelnuts used are only the PGI Piedmont ones, harvested in Alta Langa and roasted in the factory. Chocolate Production is made in the headquarter in Turin, where laboring starts directly from cocoa beans: that is why this company is one of the very few in Italy to be called "from beans to bar" . His Chocolate Selection is a mix of creative passion, gourmet and innovation and the business is considered today as one of the most interesting realities in chocolate production, both in Italy and abroad.



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Our story starts in 1884 when Domenico Pepino owner of a small gelateria in Naples, decides to move north, in Turin, together with his tools and expertise to take on a new adventure: bring his gelato to the Savoy Court,  at the time almost unheard of in Turin. Despite an initial difficult period in convincing the aristocracy of Piedmont, Domenico Pepino soon managed to expand his business thus  becoming  Supplier to the Royal House. On June 17th 1916 the company was taken over by Mr. Cavagnino and his father in law, Mr. Feletti, already well-known entrepreneur in the confectionery sector. Together, they soon launched new formats and flavours , giving greater boost to the activity by creating a new production workshop and for the first time, by using "dry ice" to transport ice cream on long journeys hence allowing them to convey their products throughout Italy and Europe. In 1939, after years of studies and tests, they created the Pinguino (with regular patent no. 58033), the first coated gelato on a stick whose success was so widespread that still today remains the most imitated Gelato in the world. Since 2008 the brand Pepino has been managed by Edoardo Cavagnino, young entrepreneur who was able to give back momentum and enthusiasm to the company, according to the criteria of Italian spirit, Originality, Story and Design.


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Piazza Meucci, 2 28074 Ghemme (NO), Italy

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Stand manager: Debora Barbaglia


Biscottificio Rossi is a company that produces biscuits from 1960 in Ghemme (NO), quality, attention to ingredients, and a constant desire to improve: these are the foundations of  a family passion that continues to grow and build on its successful results.  The principals products are Milk biscuits, Novara’s Biscuits, Torcetti and Meringues most of recipe are available also organic. 



Stand 011 - 10 MIGLIA CAFFE’

Via Mazzini, 115 4603 Castiglione D/S (MN), Italy

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Our company is specialized in the production of single-dose coffee pod. This choice is driven by the company policy of proposing to the consumer a healthy, balanced and environmentally friendly product. Our coffee is roasted with an innovative technology never forgetting the handcrafted tradition, this has enhance the coffee bean development with a higher aromatic yield and less development of dangerous substances. We use an innovative technology also for coffee milling which develops a flaked mix, improving the percolation and increasing the final aroma. The packaging is made up by a high quality filter paper case were the coffee mix is inserted, protected by a further highly protective multi-layer film. This protection lengthens the product’s shelf life. The pod means: ecologic choice, lower environmental impact and no transmission of toxic substances between the film and the pod. Moreover this choice eliminates the variable linked to the barman skill, who shouldn't find the right mix because every single-dose pod it’s already perfect!



Stand 010 - RISO ALMO

Via Raffaello Sanzio, 20 27036 Mortara (PV), Italy

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Over the years, our mother company, ALMO S.p.A., has specialized in production, selection and marketing of seed rice. All these activities are supported by an intense work aimed at improving the rice seed varieties through simple (hand) crossings during summer and field-selection of the best plants. In this way, we eliminate all possible impurities and preserve the purity of all our varieties in order to create new ones with significant farming characteristics (high production, small size, high yield, …). Our intent is to obtain a product with a high commercial value that satisfies needs of farms and rice mills. Through all these efforts we obtained and patented some of the most cultivated varieties  in the Mediterranean area (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, …) and in the last years we also began to do business in other important markets such as Turkey and Morocco. All our varieties are patented and covered by a European patent. In 2008 we took up the activity with white rice: we produce and sell our varieties granting the traceability of a product that we follow from the early steps of this important food chain. RisoALMO has been then set up to meet Almo needs to put its rice varieties on the market and widen in this way its commercial sector. The goal of the Euriz srl company is to produce rice with granted traceability, a product processed and packaged with the RisoALMO brand. Our product stems directly from our seeds that we process, select, polish and package without other steps. Our goal is then to sell only our varieties. We can guarantee a 100% pure product of the best quality. We offer varieties for every kind of dish: excellent varieties for side-dishes and rice salads, varieties for top quality risotto and even an aromatic line for tasteful side-dishes. There is also rice for soups and desserts. In addition to the white rice, we can also offer a range of ready to eat risotto, prepared only with dehydrated ingredients, without glutamates and preservatives. We use the Poseidone rice (our variety belonging to the product grid of Carnaroli). The available sorts are: ceps, red radicchio, saffron, pumpkin, tomato and basil, black truffle and “Panissa alla Vercellese”. We currently are the first and only company that follows the entire chain (from the pure and certified seed), ensuring the product traceability. Through a constant research effort we obtained rice varieties with extraordinary characteristics, high production levels and excellent yields for the industrial processes. We completely changed the Italian rice world e not only. We were the first enterprise investing in varietal research with satisfying results. Every year we go on with our programs aimed at improving the various rice seed varieties and there are already other varieties waiting to be patented and registered. We also produce a range of “coloured” rice, from purple to bronze, that will be launched in 2015. Consumers now pay much more attention to what they buy and eat. We strongly believe in our products and in the quality we can offer.


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Via Nucleo Fontevena, 85 06046 Norcia (PG), Italy

Tel: +39.0743817490

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Web-Site: www.ilmassaro.it

Stand manager: Maria Cristina Lalli


Located in Norcia, under the slopes of Monta Patino, about 1500m from the medieval old town. From here they produce honey and its derivatives since 1980.  In Norcia they are known as “The Kinf of Bees” and thanks to the new technological machine they propose the products to an ever wider market, leaving the production chain unchanged. Their honey is the same for over 30 years.




Via Antonio Da Sangallo, 11 06034 Foligno (PG), Italy

Tel: +39.0742320177

Email: info@pastalaromagna.com

Web-Site: www.pastalaromagna.com

Stand manager: Maria Cristina Lalli


The handicraft pasta factory was established in 1950 by Mr. Libio Fratiniwho, with the precious cooperation of his wife, opened the very first fresh pasta shop in the Umbria Region. Today the quality and the genuinity of the ancient flavours is carried out by Libio Fratini’s daughters and grandsons who represent the third generation of pasta making. The quality of La Romagna’s products is to be found in the accurate choice of the ingedients which are transformed in the finished product in an updated laboratory where the main policy is the respect of the public health regulations. Over the years, experience and fantasy had enanched the range of products in order to satisfy the demands of the customers who have alaways been identifying “La Romagna” as a family who has got passion in the pasta making. Respecting the traditional tecniques of the pasta making “La Romagna” uses the lamination tecnique which consists in having two cylinders contrasting each other in order to make the pasta thinner without getting it hot. As soon as they are dried, the products are moved by hand and put into transparent bags sealed with a guarantee stamp.


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Via Fonte Citerna, 14 06038 Spoleto (PG), Italy

Tel: +39.0742303045

Email: info@iltartufodipaolo.com

Web-Site: www.iltartufodipaolo.com

Stand manager: Maria Cristina Lalli


Our aim is to bring to your tables the products which can tell you the story of an extraordinary land, such as Umbria, with its secular traditions based on the excellent gastronomy which distinguish it. For this reason we offer you the best fresh and conserved , white and black truffles and a wide range of truffle based gastronomic specialties: all this products are characterized by a guaranteed quality and freshness which in every moment of the year are able to make you taste the fine nuances of these precious fruits of the ground. The quality of the truffles from the firm is personally guaranteed by Giampaolo Menichini: the best way to assure you freshness, quality and the certainty of its origin.




Via della Stazione, 41/43 06046 Norcia (PG), Italy

Tel: +39.0743817370

Email: info@norciaciok.it

Web-Site: www.norciaciok.it

Stand manager: Maria Cristina Lalli


Cioccolateria Vetusta Nursia: commitment, quality and love for the craft make the difference even when handling chocolate in the highlands. In addition to classic chocolate, our strong point is the chocolate black truffle of Norcia, but besides this you can find chocolates with puffed spelt and biscuits for every taste. Here we work the chocolate as it was once ... This is the most beautiful dream of the owner, Verucci Gabriele, who created this company out of nothing for a personal whim and for the love that he nourishes towards chocolate: the Italian "Willy Wonka" which with magic creates kindness of all kinds.


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Localita’ Ponte Sommati 02012 Amatrice (RI), Italy

Tel: +39.0746204688

Email: info@caseificiostoricoamatrice.com

Web-Site: www.caseificiostoricoamatrice.com

Stand manager: Maria Cristina Lalli


The Petrucci company, for over 50 years high quality and genuinines assurance in the dairy sector, is glad to appear to the great audience with the reopening of historical Amatrice daiky, renewed and made competitive thanks to the management spent in the renovation of a so important and esteemed factory, in the suggestive landscape of Amatrice. The factory is located inside the national park of Gran Sasso and Laga Mountains, in a space surrounded by nature, between a wood and the shady shores of Tronto river, overhung by a rock spur. Amatrice, of very ancient origins and inhabited since ancient Rome period has been, over the centuries, the protagonist in these places history, and it well continues to be so. Its well known culinary journes have brought, first in Rome, and, later on in all the world,their country but delicious gastronomics traditions baggage: The “pasta alla gricia”, and the very well know “pasta all’amatriciana”, are by this time, its foundation. The natural beauties and the suggestive charm of these places live inside the taste and the flavor of the Amatrice tradition diskes, made delicious and superb also thanks to the goodness of the ingredients that compose them. To revive the  historical Amatrice dairy is part of development project for an healty eating, today more than ever desiderable, in a manifacturing sector threatened by speculations harmful to healt. Since the end of last century the Petrucci’s company is carrying on a tradition handed down from father to son, with a work which respects buth the ancient experiences and the modern requirement due the most recent sanitary norms.




Loc. Il Fiume 06043 Preci (PG), Italy

Tel: +39.074399245

Email: info@dolciariaseverini.it

Web-Site: www.dolciariaseverini.it

Stand manager: Maria Cristina Lalli


With its hand-made biscuits, it preserves the pastry tradition of our grandmothers, revisited by the selection of first-class ingredients of Umbrian territory, which make our products sought after and of the highest confectionery quality. The company was born in 1996 from the Severini family's vocation, who with their profound knowledge of the food flour industry made this profession a real passion. The use of fine materials such as truffle and lentils with ancient recipes have been a credit to our company.




Fraz. Fagliano di Cascia 06043 Cascia (PG), Italy

Tel: +39.074376935

Email: info@cerealielegumi.it

Web-Site: www.cerealielegumi.it

Stand manager: Maria Cristina Lalli


Over the last 20 years, the firm has grown and, above all, specializing in the cultivation of legumes and cereals, such as spelt and lentils. It has also been added, to the latter, saffron spice, currently re-evaluated in our area, where the Zafferano Purissimo brand of Cascia was established.


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Via Serbatio, 2

92019 Sciacca (AG), Italy

Tel: +39.07717380

Email: pietro.sabella@tenutagallinella.com

Web-Site: www.tenutagallinella.com


From three generations the Tenuta Gallinella has been engaged in Extra Virgin Olive Oil production through the passion handed down, first by his grandfather Pietro Sabella, then by his father Salvatore, the grandson Pietro managed to keep up the name of the company thanks to the enthusiasm, professionalism and love for his job. From the land between Menfi and Sciacca a diamond tip product was born and now it boasts extensive experience in the olive sector. The company produces and sells four different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Nocellara : known for its unique intense fruity feature, harmonious flavor with some thistle and artichoke smell, in addition to green tomato, accompanied by bitter and spicy of medium high intensity. It is the ideal dressing for greens and salads, with raw vegetables and legumes. Also great for salmon carpaccio, pasta with tomato sauce, grilled fish or grilled white meats. Cerasuola : very tasty and aromatic oil. The degree of ripeness determines the presence or absence of Certain scents. Medium intense fruity oil, it smells of fresh cut grass and sometimes thistle, artichoke and tomato. Ripe tomato notes in more mature fruits. The taste appears less sweet, but spicy with an intense bitter taste. Ideal for both hot and cold dishes. It can also be used as dressing for salads, soups, boiled vegetables, or meat. Biancolilla : it produces and expresses the maximum content of aromatic substances and polyphenols. The result is an harmonious oil, of a balanced almond fruity taste, that combines with vegetables or fresh cheeses. For its grassy flavor, combined with an unexpected sweetness, it perfectly matches with both raw and cooked seafood. Gordal Sevillana : the flavor of the olives from which we extract this oil is delicate and sweet. It is often used with sea food dishes. These varieties, exported in the rest of Europe in addition to the national territory, are available in the following formats: Bottle 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml; Tin 5 lt, Bag in Box 5 lt. Our oils, following a careful selection of freshly picked and pressed olives, with cold extraction, and thanks to their peculiarities, acquire a higher quality, standing out for its organoleptic properties (intense and brilliant green), taste (very balanced between fruity, bitter and spicy) olfactory (very elegant and harmonious with hints of freshly cut grass, basil, mint, green almond, thistle, green tomato, blending in an aromatic touch of thyme, oregano and sage). Among the various certifications available of the company, we find the DOP "Val di Mazara". The products of "Tenuta Gallinella" have received, only in reference to 2016, several awards for taste and quality such as: DIOOC – International competition (Two Gold medals); Inclusion in the guide “Terre Dell’Olio”; Gran menzione Gran Olio at Biosalus Festival.